1. Lands End Trail, San Francisco

  2. Settling in.

    Things are starting to become familiar; streets, shops, weather, people. Over the last few days we have found a couple favorite places. Two block west of us on Divisadero and McAllister there are two small grocery stores and a beer/wine store which have proven useful. Moving south on Divisadero gives plenty of bars/shops/restaurants, a favorite so far is Mojo Bike shop/cafe. Brianne and I have gotten out and explored the city a decent amount this last weekend, and so far we are very happy with our current neighborhood. The mad job search continues in the morning!

  3. Hallway window.

  4. Cool old Chevy we saw on the walk to Trader Joe’s. I love the chain and lock holding the hood down.

  5. Our apartment is located on the second floor, notice the excellent parking spot!


  6. New home in SF

    Brianne and I rolled into San Francisco today around 5 PM PST, our expectations were to get here earlier, however we underestimated how long Highway 1 would take (it sure is full of sharp turns). The trip into town was smooth and we scored a parking spot right in front of the building which we plan on keeping until the street sweepers come on Tuesday. 

    We quickly unpacked the car, taking turns running luggage up to our second floor apartment. Unsurprisingly and amusing to myself within the first 20 minutes of being in the city, I explained what my fatbike was to 4 people. Riding that bike will be a fun adventure for sure.

    Once unpacked we quickly located and walked to the closed Trader Joe’s for some basic food essentials, and a quick dinner snack that we devoured in Alamo Park with Harlow right at sunset. 

    The next four months in this apartment should be very cool. After looking at the rental calendar pinned to the kitchen cabinet and analyzing the names, we can expect to have house guests from France, Italy, China/Japan, and possibly Korea!

  7. Brianne in front of our new home for the next four months.

  8. Brewing coming soon…

  9. Fresh Asparagus. 

  10. Minneapolis Farmer’s Market. 

  11. Minneapolis Farmer’s Market. Green onion vendor. 

  12. Cruiser posted up at Blackrocks. 

  13. Nightcap after chowing down on burgers. 

  14. Epic Food Night. Sliders. 

  15. Donckers fudge action!